Summaries Presented at Final Session

from Jules Levin

Friday July 4, Geneva

Several speakers were selected to deliver brief summaries. I will briefly report their presentations. My final reports will be forthcoming. The clinical section was summarized with several points by the speaker; the following is a partial list; I will report a more comprehensive review:

Future Goals

A speaker in this session called for "gay white men" to give up leadership to PLWHA in developing countries. I am not sure if he is referring to the Intl Conference or in general with pharma industry. A number of leading American activists whom I spoke with found this insulting, non-productive, and potentially self-defeating. No matter what demographics we are, Americans will never diminish our role. Such a request is inflammatory and absurd. The Intl Conference leadership shows a lack of insight and vision by making such a statement. They have no idea how to gather a proper movement. They are refrring to the notion of improving treatment access and information to those in developing world.

The speaker said $36 billion would be required to supply triple therapy to all who need it. He also said, and I agree with this statement, that financial leadership from developed nations is lacking and a shameful disgrace. Governments in such countries as France, UK, Germany and in any other effected by HIV and AIDS should be spending lots more on AIDS. In 1990 AIDS was not present on the top ten list of diseases leading the world in incidence. The speaker said that by 2020 AIDS will be #9 on this list.