Abbott Labs announced on June 30 that the FDA has approved the new capsules. Abbott said that the new capsules will be available at pharmacies at the beginning of next week. Refrigeration of the new capsules is recommended, but not required if used within 30 days and stored below 77 degrees fahrenheit (US meaure). I presume this means refrigeration will extend shelf-life but I'll have to check on that. However, the pharamacy is expected to refrigerate Norvir when they receive it.

Several questions about the New Norvir caps have been raised by people. I spoke with Abbott and got some answers to these questions.

The Abbott press release said it's helpful to eat when taking Norvir. Some people I think were unsure exactly what this meant. Does it mean you have to eat?

answer- Eating some food--a sandwich for example--helps with GI and other side effects. You don't have to eat a high fat meal; a sandwich will suffice. Eating when taking Norvir will raise Norvir blood levels about 15%. This may not make muchdifference but it's prbably better to achieve the added 15% rather than not. I think it's advisable to always eat a sandwich or its equivalent with Norvir. These dietary recommendations are the same as they were previously for the old Norvir caps.

When the pharmacy receives Norvir they are supposed to kep it refrigerated. After you receive it you can store it out of the fridge or in the fridge for 30 days. If you store it out of the fridge the room temperature can be up to 77 degrees farhenheit (US temp). It may be advisable to keep it in fridge particularly during Summer. But if you take it with you for an evening out or if you are travelling with it refrigeration is not required as long as temp is below 77. If you store Norvir in the fridge the shelf life is still 30 days.

The new Norvir caps have been shipped and are expected to be available this week in your pharmacy but shipping can be variable so the exact date of arrival in your pharmacy may be variable. I called Bigelow pharmacy in NYC and they have new Norvir capsules in stock.