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  42nd ICAAC Meeting
San Diego, Sept 27-31, 2002
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Tenofovir in the Treatment of Individuals Co-Infected with HIV and Hepatitis B Abstract
  Nelson and English researchers from Chelsea and Westminster Hospital in London (H-1740) reported on the use of tenofivir when used in HBV/HIV coinfected patients. 18 individuals received tenofovir at a standard dose of 300mg once daily as part of their HIV antiviral regimen. 11 patients had HIV viral load undetectable at time of starting tenofovir. 13 had previously received 3TC for a average of 38 months with evidence of continuing hepatitis B replication. All but one patient continued 3TC as part of their antiviral regimen. Average ALT at commencement of therapy was 59 and average hepatitis B DNA was over 100 million (1.7 x 108) genome equivalents (GE) per ml. Undetectability was defined as a hepatitis B DNA < 40,000 (1 x 104)GE per/ml.  
  Two patients converted to e antibody positive during the study period. No patient lost HIV virological control as a result of switching or adding tenofovir. All individuals continue on tenofovir at the present time. The authors concluded that tenofovir has activity against hepatitis B when used in HIV positive individuals, and individuals who reach criteria for initiation of HIV antiviral therapy, who have evidence of hepatitis B replication should consider tenofovir as part of their antiviral regimen. The role of dual therapy with tenofovir and 3TC remains unclear, but is presently being investigated at our units.
Retrovirus Conference Report: Tenofovir Use in HBV/HIV Coinfected Patients