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HIV Activist Jules Levin Comments on T-20 Drug Study
By Kristin Reed
  Barcelona, July 8 (Bloomberg) -- An experimental HIV drug developed by Roche Holding AG and Trimeris Inc., known as T-20, significantly cut virus levels in patients already taking standard medicines and boosted their immune system, research showed. The following are comments by Jules Levin, director of the National AIDS Treatment Project in an interview at the 14th International AIDS Conference in Barcelona: On the impact of T-20 for HIV patients: "It's a major advancement. They have no cross-resistance (with other drugs). This is like starting fresh."
"We are making a lot of progress. What is now coming out (for new drugs) is really promising. It's promising -- no one really has to die of AIDS any more, if they are managed properly."
"There will be people who die but I believe that this really is manageable, if you are managed properly. But that's a big 'if.' A lot of people don't get proper treatment."
"I have diabetes. Diabetes is much harder to manage."
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