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Abbott Freezes HIV Drug Prices For ADAPs
  Today Abbott Labs announced they will freeze drug pricing for Kaletra and Norvir for ADAPs effective June 1, 2002. The price freeze will apply to those ADAPs currently participating in the "Point of Service" program outlined in the OPA federal guidelines and those ADAPs purchasing under the ADAP 340b rebate option outlined in the June 29, 1998 Federal Register Notice. Abbott also announced a plan to develop a nationwide, community-based outreach program and to launch it later this year. The goal is to educate the public, with particular focus on diverse communities, about the importance of HIV prevention & treatment. The program is expected to include screening, counseling and widespread distribution of educational materials.
Also today, GlaxoSmithKline announced a two year price freeze on their HIV drugs. Their announcement is posted to the NATAP website under Newswire Reports.
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