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Go-Ahead for Anti-AIDS Microbicide Gel Trials
  CDC HIV/STD/TB Prevention News Update
July 31, 2003
Grant Holloway
An Australian company has won FDA approval to begin human trials for its microbicide gel. In macaque monkey trials, a single application of VivaGel was 100 percent effective against the monkey version of HIV and the animal versions of genital herpes and chlamydia. Melbourne- based Starpharma will begin phase one human trials of VivaGel by the end of this year. If human trials are successful, the gel will be targeted to women in poorer nations, giving them cheaper, easier control over HIV prevention. A prescription-only gel could be available in three years' time. It would take another two years to produce an over-the-counter version. Countries such as Myanmar and Papua New Guinea face looming AIDS crises similar to the epidemic in Africa due to a lack of preventive measures. At the end of 2002, 42 million people worldwide were HIV-infected; estimates say by 2010, 45 million more people will have HIV.
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