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Peg-Intron Access Assurance Programs Ends; Patient Assistance Program
Press Release from Schering-Plough
  Schering Corporation is pleased to announce that as of February 18, 2003, the PEG-INTRON Access Assurance program has been eliminated. Patients will now be able to take their prescriptions for PEG-INTRON (peginterferon alfa-2b) Powder for Injection directly to their pharmacy to be filled. Patients will no longer need to contact the Access Assurance program first to receive an Access Assurance ID number.
The PEG-INTRON Access Assurance program was implemented in October 2001 in anticipation of unprecedented patient demand temporarily affecting the supply of PEG-INTRON. Schering Corporation designed the Access Assurance program to ensure that individual patients who begin treatment with PEG-INTRON have uninterrupted access to a full course of therapy, regardless of possible fluctuations in demand for the product.
Schering-Plough has made major investments to increase PEG-INTRON production capacity at its manufacturing facility in Ireland, as well as in manufacturing facilities in Europe and Singapore. This increased production capacity enables us to end the Access Assurance program at this time.
We would like to take this opportunity to remind you of two unique programs that provide support to hepatitis C patients. The "Be In Charge" program provides support service for hepatitis B patients and hepatitis C patients whose physicians have prescribed Schering products. This program is free of charge and includes toll-free phone access to a nurse counselor 24/7, along with support group referrals and other treatment information. To reach a nurse counselor or to enroll in the program, patients can call 1-888-437-2608.
Schering also sponsors the "Commitment to Care" program, which helps patients identify and access insurance coverage, and provides free Schering products for qualifying patients in the United States. In 2002, the market value of this assistance and treatment, provided to more than 25,000 hepatitis C patients, was more than $100 million. To register for the "Commitment to Care" program, patients can call toll free to 1-800-521-7157.
Patients can also go to the following website for more information about the elimination of the Access Assurance program:
This site includes a set of Frequently Asked Questions.
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