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  Lipodystrophy Workshop
July 8-11, 2003, Paris
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Lipodystrophy Workshop
  This note is from Jules Levin at the Lipo Wksp and is just meant to say hi from the City of Love. The Intl AIDS Conference is in Paris and follows directly after the Lipo Wksp. The one interesting study being presented at the Lipo Wksp which I noticed is an examination in 28 HIV-infected patients with rosiglytazone. I can't reveal the results until after the presentaion tomorrow but it's interesting, stay tuned. The study looks at lipoatrophy and insulin resistance.
Its my first time in Paris and today I went to museum to see impressionist paintings. I found it a bit bland. the food in Paris can be very fatty. I'm not sure they understand low fat meals, particularly for someone like me who doesn't drink wine. But Paris is a very big, crowded and seems to be a wonderful city. Reports are forthcoming from me and researchers covering conferences for NATAP. Jules