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Samaritan's HIV Drug Shows Promise as Viral Entry Inhibitor
  LAS VEGAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--04/01/2004--Samaritan Pharmaceuticals Inc. (OTCBB:SPHC) and Samaritan Research Labs, Georgetown University, are pleased to announce they have made further product development milestones with their HIV products.
Independent testing protocols have provided impressive efficacy data to suggest the SP-01A compound has promise as an HIV entry inhibitor, the newest class of HIV therapeutics. Entry inhibitors block HIV's viral entry and infection of human immune system cells, and hold hope as a key to fighting the increasing drug resistance occurring with most HIV drugs on the market.
Pre-clinical data suggests SP-01A acts, most likely, by increasing cell resistance to the HIV virus' entry, rather than acting directly on the virus itself. Although the precise mechanism of action is not fully understood, we know SP-01A, by acting on the host cells rather than on the virus, is expected to lower the rate of emergence-resistant strains of HIV and, therefore, increase the efficacy of anti-retroviral therapies.
Samaritan has completed its FDA Phase I/II clinical trial and is in the process of gathering antiviral data to support its positive results.
Dr. Janet Greeson, CEO of Samaritan Pharmaceuticals stated, "Probably, the most promising aspects of our HIV drug are the combination of its safety profile and its HIV drug resistance efficacy. Today, the most commonly used HIV therapeutic is HAART (highly active antiretroviral therapy), which interrupts viral replication after HIV has entered the cell. In contrast, our drug blocks the entry of HIV into the cell. To my knowledge, the only other entry inhibitor approved by the FDA is an injectable, compared to our simple-to-take oral compound, and costs approximately $20,000 a year for treatment while SP-01A is projected to be more affordable."
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About Samaritan Pharma: "A Little Bridge Can Go a Long Way"
Samaritan Pharmaceuticals bridges University bright ideas through drug development, thereby, creating a path for promising new drugs to become commercially viable products. Currently, Samaritan is advancing its, late stage, HIV Immuno-therapeutic drug, with antiviral properties through regulatory affairs, and plans to commence FDA Phase III trials in 2004. At the same time, in collaboration with Georgetown University, Samaritan is advancing a growing pipeline of drugs for AIDS, Alzheimer's, and Cardiovascular disease through preclinical trials, in preparation for future growth.
The company disclaims any information that is created by an outside party and endorses only information that is communicated by its press releases, filings and Web site. This news release contains forward-looking statements that reflect management's current beliefs about the potential for its drug candidates, science and technology. However, as with any biopharmaceutical under development, there are significant risks and uncertainties in the process of development and regulatory review. There are no guarantees that products will prove to be commercially successful. For additional information about the factors that affect the company's business, please read the company's latest Form 10-K filed May 15, 2003. The company undertakes no duty to update forward-looking statements.
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CONTACT:Samaritan Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Gene Boyle, 702-735-7001 GeneBoyle@aol.com
SOURCE: Samaritan Pharmaceuticals, Inc
04/01/2004 08:00 EASTERN
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