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  8th International Congress on
Drug Therapy in HIV Infection
November 12-16, 2006
Glasgow, Scotland
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Lipids & ALTs in SQV 500mg in Spanish Study
  Reported by Jules Levin
8th Intl Congress on Drug therapy in HIV, Glasgow, UK, Nov 12-16, 2006
"Evolution of Lipid and Hepatic Parameters in Patients Treated with SQV/r in its 200mg & 500mg Formulations: IPanema Cohort"
J Sanz et al. H Principe de Asturias, Alcala de Heneras, Spain; Roche Farma, Spain
The authors concluded: "Treatment with Invirase 200mg or 500mg demonstrated a good viroloical and immunological response with benign change of the lipid, hepatic and glucose parameters".
Purpose of the Study:
HAART efficacy has increased in recent years with tolerability and convenience contributing significantly to long-term outcome.
--Ongoing multicenter (79 Spanish hospitals), cross-sectional study of patients on --SQV/r treatment for at least 3 months.
--Safety & clinical response between 2 SQV formulations (Invirase 200mg & 500mg) were evaluated.
--Clinical data before initiating SQV/r were also collected.
--Statistically significant differences between variables were evaluated by bilaterial analysis using chi-square hypothesis test, t-test and wilcoxon test as applicable.
--Patients included: 919
--Patient Treatment:
56.2% Invirase 500mg vs 43.8% Invirase 200mg
--70.9% male; 52.8% IVDU; no significant difference in both group.
--Significant differences in baseline characteristics in Table 1: