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Alarming 10% of pregnant women infected with HIV/Aids in Santiago, Santo Domingo
  SANTO DOMINGO.- 10% of the young pregnant women treated at the Cabral Baez hospital in the City of Santiago are infected by the HIV/Aids virus.
Doctor Jhovanny Rodriguez, head of the "Sexual and pregnancy orientation program" of that hospital said yesterday that at least 250 of the 2,500 young pregnant women treated so far this year have tested positive for the HIV/Aids virus, he also pointed out that they all come from the 14 Cibao's districts.
Also, emphasized that the pregnant adolescents are treated with special AIDS medicine which ensures that the infection will not be transmitted to the fetus in about 50% of the cases.
He added that sexual education is being imparted to young adolescents to prevent early pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.
According to the Dominican Network of People who Live with VIH/Aids (REDOVIH), about 2,500 patients receive free antiretroviral medicine in the country.
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