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UK Health service hits London gay bars
Friday 7 April, 2006 10:44
Men dressed as superheroes and dubbed The Vaccinators paid a visit to one of London's gay bars last night, in a bid to stamp out hepatitis A and B amongst the gay community.
Arriving in a 'superhero bus', the superheroes launched the start of a campaign to encourage gay men to vaccinate against Hepatitis A and B, organised by Sorted.
Sorted has joined forces with London's G-A-Y Bar in Soho, to encourage more gay men to get vaccinated against Hepatitis A and B.
Every Thursday evening throughout April, customers will be able to get vaccinated on the first floor of the G-A-Y bar as part of a night out.
Even though Hepatitis B is 100 times more infectious than HIV, only one in two gay men in London is vaccinated. The procedure is free, quick,straight-forward and will protect those vaccinated from a potentially life-threatening disease.
Dr Alan McOwan, Lead Clinician at the Victoria Clinic, is confident that this will encourage more gay men to get vaccinated.
"Our campaign and the presence of the 'The Vaccinators' will raise the profile of the importance of gay men being proactive about their health," he said.
"We want more men to get vaccinated, so we are taking the Sorted service into the very heart of the community."
"Sorted's presence at the G-A-Y Bar will really encourage guys to vaccinate 'on the spot' or at least think about the risks associated with Hepatitis A and B if they don't," Bar and Club promoter, Jeremy Joseph said.
"This is a really worthwhile partnership that makes getting vaccinated so easy."
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