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Shanghai lauches HIV/AIDS campaign to increase public awareness 2006-12-01 14:58:31
BEIJING, Dec.1 -- In China efforts continue across the country to increase public awareness of AIDS prevention, and boost understanding of the disease and its victims. And these have made a big impact.
Over in Shanghai the city has recently launched an HIV/AIDS awareness campaign in local hypermarkets.
Public health organizations are starting to install promotional posters and banners in 13 hyper-markets citywide. Although large-scale education campaigns are to follow over the weekend, shoppers are already giving a positive response.
A local resident said, "Hypermarkets are where most local residents do their daily shopping. The campaign can help educate people from all walks of life, and have better communication effects."
AIDS awareness promoters says a popular promotion venue can effectively improve public accountability, which is the key theme of this year's World AIDS Day. They also say such a campaign can help educate the public in the long run.
Zhang Minghua, from Shanghai CTR. Disease control & Prevention, said:"Unlike those AIDS-day-only campaigns staged just in one place, the current scheme takes place in public venues citywide. This means they will have more access to information, or free condoms."
Experts say easy access to condoms and education is an important part of any AIDS prevention campaign. As public health organizations distribute information and condoms at more popular public venues, experts are confident AIDS awareness will increase.
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