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Patient in Puerto Rico Stops HAART to Protest ADAP Wait List
  Anselmo Fonseca Co-Founder / VP
Pacientes de SIDA pro Politica Sana

Calle Ronda C-1
Villa Andalucia
San Juan, Puerto Rico 00926 tel: 787-283-8623 mobile: 787-688-9465
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Press Release
For immediate publication May 14, 2007
Contact Persons: Pacientes de SIDA pro Politica Sana Anselmo Fonseca 787-688-9465 / 787-283-8623 Jose F. Colon 787-688-9247
AIDS Activist Jose F. Colon, a 54 year old AIDS patient and activist in Puerto Rico, has declared today that I will not take any medicines for my AIDS condition until the ADAP waiting list is totally eliminated and the supposed thirty six (36) patients that are currently not receiving medicines do.2 3We strongly believe that the true number is higher.
I need a certification from the Health Department of Puerto Rico, signed by its Secretary, Honorable Rosa Perez Perdomo assuring patients in Puerto Rico that the waiting list has finished, and that measures are being taken for it not to re-occur in the near future.
Today, around 10:15 am I called 787-274-5500, Dr. Greduvel Duran's office al the DOH, and I was told by Matilde, his Secretary, that doctor Duran was out of Puerto Rico.
I asked her who was covering him and she directed me to Marco Martinez, Esquire, who is his newly named Executive Assistant.
I explained Mr Martinez my determination of not taking my HAART treatment, (antiretroviral cocktail), until I was certified that all patients were taking their medicines too.
I asked him to investigate where the situation was at this moment, and a few minutes later he called me and told me that he had received information about the previously mentioned number and that this problem was going to be solved this week after the patients were evaluated and included in the system.
To this I answered that I would need the certification from the DOH in order for me to re-start my intake of Lexiva and Combivir, which are the medicines that I currently take.
At the last test I took my lab work said that I had a CD4 count of 450 and that my viral load was undetectable.
I have taken this decision personally, without any pressure at all. I believe that the system has not administered HIV/AIDS funds properly.
This has to stop, because I understand that under the Commonwealth's Constitution waiting list are illegal.
I also believe that Law #349, the HIV/AIDS Patients Bill of Rights is also being violated.
Thank you, Gracias,
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