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48th Annual ICAAC / IDSA 46th Annual Meeting
October 25-28, 2008
Washington, DC
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Response to Vicriviroc in HIV-Infected Treatment-Experienced Subjects using an Enhanced Version of the Trofile HIV Co-receptor Tropism Assay: Reanalysis of ACTG 5211 Results
  Reported by Jules Levin
48th ICAAC, and the 46th meeting of IDSA, Washington, DC, USA, October 25-28 2008.
Z Su, JD Reeves, A Krambrink, E Coakley, M Hughes, C Flexner, T Wilkin, P Skolnik, W Greaves, D Kuritzkes, R Gulick, ACTG 5211 Team
To assess whether the enhanced Trofile assay is an improved screening tool compared to the original Trofile assay for the selection of patients who may benefit from CCR5 antagonist therapy.
Screen tropism results from the enhanced Trofile were predictive of early detection of CXCR4-use in ACTG 5211 VCV recipients
Greater viral load reduction was observed at Day 14 and Week 24 in subjects with R5 virus at screen and entry compared to DM at screen by the enhanced Trofile
There were trends for improved virologic responses at Day 14 and Week 24 in VCV recipients with R5 virus at screen by the enhanced Trofile compared to original analysis according to the original Trofile
Enhanced Trofile showed improved ability to predict antiretroviral responses to VCV
Enhanced Trofile is an improved screening tool for determining patient eligibility for CCR5 antagonist therapy