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THE ALLMAN BROTHERS BAND have been forced to postpone a string of New York shows to let founding member GREGG ALLMAN fully recover from Hepatitis C treatment.
The group was set to perform 15 shows at New York City's Beacon Theatre in May (08), but these concerts will be rescheduled when Allman is fighting fit again. A statement from the band reads: "For the past six months, Gregg Allman has been receiving scheduled treatments for Hepatitis C, a virus that, with these treatments, has become curable in recent years. The treatments so far have been successful and the virus has been eradicated from his system.
"However, the recovery time from the side effects of the treatment is taking longer than originally projected (and), since The Allman Brothers Band are known for exhilarating and exhausting concert performances, they don't want to give fans anything less than they have come to expect.
"So the band members made a group decision to delay the first round of dates." Allman himself says, "I'm getting better but I'm still tired. I need to be at 110 per cent to do the shows the way we do them. I can't tell you how much I appreciate the support and understanding my Brothers and our fans have given me." As well as postponing the New York shows, The Allman Brothers Band have also cancelled their performance at the Wanee Festival in Florida in April (08).
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