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Gregg Allman Recovers from Hepatitis C Treatments
Gregg Allman has made a statement regarding his recent illness. As previously reported, earlier this year the Allman Brothers Band cancelled a handful of shows while Allman underwent treatment for Hepatitis C. According to an official message from the band?s management, "Allman battled through two months of debilitating Interferon treatments but has made a complete recovery and is now disease-free." "I feel great, man," he said in the statement. "The treatment really kicks you in the ass but I came out stronger. I?m ready to play. I?ve known about having the disease for a long time, but was never a candidate for treatment until last year. When my doctor told me to go for the Interferon, I knew it would be a battle, but I'm great now. I just didn?t have the energy to play. And we?re a band that puts on 2-hour shows that change every single night. You gotta be at full capacity to do that. And now I am."
Hepatitis C is a blood-borne disease that affects approximately four million people in the U.S. alone and can cause liver cancer or necessitate a transplant. Side effects from Interferon treatment include flu-like symptoms and chronic fatigue. The Allman Brothers Band hit the road on August 12 for a performance at Bethel, NY's Bethel Woods Center for the Arts.
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