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Is HIV Eradication Feasible?
  Is HIV Eradication Feasible?
Carmen de Mendoza |Full Article in PDF|
Infectious Diseases Department. Hospital Carlos III. Madrid, Spain
AIDS Reviews

Bone marrow stem cells may have cured one man of HIV (Hutter, et al. N Engl J Med. 2009;360:692-8). The patient had been infected with HIV for a while before developing acute myeloid leukemia. He received a stem-cell transplant from a donor who was homozygote for ∇32 CCR5. Interestingly, the patient has remained without viral rebound 20 months after transplantation and discontinuation of antiretroviral therapy. Moreover, a search for HIV sequences in proviral DNA has also failed to prove that the virus could still be hidden in some reservoirs. In addition, the CD4+ T-cell count has returned to a normal range.
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