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Vitamin D Deficiency/Muscle Function/Frailty
  Low vitamin D levels may be contributing to accelerated and high rates of frailty in HIV+ individuals. A MACS analysis published in the Jnl of Geronotology in 2007 found "HIV+ men in MACS 10-Times More Likely to Exhibit Frailty than HIV-negative Men". Immune activation, senesence, premature bone loss, and low vitamin D levels may all contribute to frailty and accelerated aging in HIV. The CHARTER Study is reporting about 50% of HIV+ individuals suffer from mild cognitive impairment, most in study are on HAART, and they report that low nadir CD4 (<200) and detectable HIV plasma viral load are associated with cognitive impairment independently, so if a person's viral load in plasma is undetectable a CD4 nadir <200 is associated with cognitive impairment.
HIV-1 Infection Is Associated With an Earlier Occurrence of ... Frailty is a clinical syndrome associated with aging that identifies a subset . ... both HIV infection and AIDS were predictors of frailty-like ...
Persistence and Progression of HIV-associated Neurocognitive ... Supported by NIH contract N01 MH22005 (CHARTER; PI: I. Grant). Participating sites include: Johns Hopkins University (J. McArthur); Mt. Sinai School of ...
Vitamin D deficiency, muscle function, and falls in elderly people1,2 Review Article - (08/18/09)
A serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D level below 50 nmol/l has been associated with increased body sway and a level below 30 nmol/l with decreased muscle strength. - (08/18/09)
Bone Guidelines Excerpted From New IDSA Guidelines- pdf of full paper attached - (08/12/09)
Prevalence and Associations of 25-Hydroxyvitamin D Deficiency in US Children: NHANES 2001-2004 - pdf of published report attached - (08/12/09)
5th IAS: Highly prevalent vitamin D deficiency and insufficiency among an urban cohort of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)-infected men under care - (07/28/09) in a Queens, NY HIV clinic 75% of patients had low vitamin D levels
5th IAS: 91% Have Low Vitamin D Levels in UK Cohort, 34% Severely Deficient; Efavirenz use is associated with severe Vitamin D deficiency in a large, ethnically diverse, urban UK HIV cohort - (08/04/09)
5th IAS: ARTs Cause Bone Loss - (07/28/09)
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