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Effect of HAART on Risk of Sexual Transmission
of HIV & Superinfection - CDC Report
  "sexual transmission of HIV from an infected partner who was on ART with a repeatedly undetectable plasma viral load has been documented"
"An infected partner's genital (seminal or vaginal) fluid viral load may play a greater role than plasma viral load when evaluating the risk of sexual transmission of HIV. The likelihood of HIV transmission in the setting of ART is influenced by a number of factors, several of which are described below."

from Jules: one point I did not see addressed in this CDC paper is the unknown long-term toxicities of ART. If starting HAERT very early for the purpose of limiting HIV transmission, what about increased risk for toxicities associated with taking HAART over the long-term, what about the risk for HIV drug resistance? We have not even begun to research and understand the effect of ARTs and HIV on bone disease, cancers, cognitive impairment/neurologic dysfunction, but we are talking loudly about rolling out HAART to prevent transmission. This is another example of the federal government responding to demands, another politically-based initiative, just like eradication, just like HIV vaccines, and long-term issues like aging, senesence, activation, non-AIDS comorbidities, bone disease etc, all still taking a back seat. You don't see the NIH or NIAID issuing a press release announcing a major initiative to research, understand and fight HIV & aging and senesensence, why? Because it's not politically popular.
from the CDC:
Effect of Antiretroviral Therapy on Risk of Sexual Transmission of HIV Infection and Superinfection
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