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Community Update: Creation of a new company dedicated to the discovery and delivery of treatments for HIV a collaboration between GSK and Pfizer
  Dear Community Member,
Please find below important information about a transformation of the GSK and Pfizer HIV efforts. This announcement is just the first of many concerning this new effort and as always we will strive to keep the channels of communication open during this transition.
Marc Meachem

GlaxoSmithKline - A3150B
Five Moore Drive
Research Triangle Park, NC 27709
Dear Colleague and Partner,
Today we are announcing our intention to create a new company dedicated to the discovery and delivery of treatments for HIV Š a collaboration between GSK and Pfizer. We believe that by combining our assets and capabilities we will accomplish more for the treatment of HIV globally than either company on its own. With its attention focused solely on HIV, the new company can maintain a dedicated level of R&D funding and be a stronger, more balanced, sustainable organization. Our mission is to deliver a more promising future for people living with HIV and AIDS.
We recognize that HIV treatment remains challenging on many levels. The clear focus of the new company will be to develop innovative treatments and formulations that improve adherence and overcome resistance to the virus. This will include a drive to improve treatments and formulations for children living with HIV.
The new company will have a robust pipeline and the critical mass to build sustainability in HIV research and development. By accessing both companiesÕ R&D expertise we can create scale across multiple classes of HIV medicines which will facilitate development of treatments as both single agents and in combination.
The new company will have a broad range of marketed HIV treatments and the agility to prioritize emerging opportunities to bring new medicines to people living with HIV and AIDS.
It is being created with a core commitment to improve access to HIV medicines for everyone. Our not-for-profit pricing will continue for those countries most in need and we will also continue to facilitate new voluntary licenses as appropriate to diversify production and expand capacity in these markets.
The two companies have a strong record of community support for HIV and that will continue. GSKÕs long-standing Positive Action program will transfer to the new company, maintaining a focus on prevention, tackling stigma and discrimination, and building capacity and treatment literacy within the global community. Since 2002, Positive Action has conducted 65 partnership projects across 63 countries and the new company will continue to make investments in this program.
Pfizer Inc has made substantial investments in the fight against HIV/AIDS, as evidenced through its partnerships with key stakeholders and organizations. The Pfizer Foundation remain committed to its continued support of ConnectHIV in the USA, the Diflucan Partnership Program in developing countries and the Infectious Diseases Institute, a global center of excellence for teaching research and healthcare delivery in Africa.
The creation of this new company is an exciting next step in the fight against HIV. We believe we are creating a sustainable organization with industry-leading access to HIV research, pipeline and presence.
Our relationships with the HIV global community are extremely important and critical to the successful introduction of new treatments. Many details will need to be worked out in the coming months and establishing this new company is subject to regulatory approvals, which we hope to receive during the fourth quarter of 2009. For now, each companyÕs HIV products and services will continue to be provided through existing routes and contacts.
We are committed to continuing the dialogue that both companies have long valued. We have created a website which contains all the information announced today and it will be updated with progress of the new company's development.
Dominique Limet
CEO Designate
S. Marc Meachem
Product Communications
GlaxoSmithKline - A3150B
Five Moore Drive
Research Triangle Park, NC 27709
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