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Atripla Co-Pay Assistance Program
  Bristol-Myers Squibb & Gilead Sciences, LLC is now offering an ATRIPLA Co-Pay Assistance Program to provide meaningful assistance for eligible HIV patients with high prescription co-pays.
New and existing ATRIPLA patients with commercial insurance who meet certain requirements are eligible for the program, which covers up to $200/month for a full year for patients with an ATRIPLA co-pay greater than $50/month. Other restrictions apply.
The program is not available to patients in Massachusetts or to patients whose prescriptions are eligible to be reimbursed, in whole or part, by Medicare, Medicaid, any other federal- or state-funded healthcare benefit program, or by private plans or other health or pharmacy benefit programs which reimburse patients for the entire cost of their prescription drugs.
Eligible patients can enroll by obtaining an ATRIPLA co-pay assistance card from their physician or healthcare provider. If a healthcare provider does not have an available ATRIPLA co-pay assistance card, patients can call the toll-free number 1-866-784-3431 to receive a card in the mail. Patients must activate the card prior to first use by calling the toll-free number and answering a few questions to verify their eligibility. The card must be used for the first time by December 31, 2009 and the final co-pay assistance amount must be paid within 12 months of card activation.
Patients who do not have insurance, are underinsured or who otherwise need assistance may still be eligible to receive some assistance through the ATRIPLA Patient Assistance Program by calling toll-free at 1-866-290-4767.
Gilead?s co-pay assistance program for TRUVADA (including components VIREAD and EMTRIVA) as well as the Bristol-Myers Squibb program for SUSTIVA will remain unchanged following the launch of the ATRIPLA program.
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