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Aussie HIV+ man catches prey on web
  Published: 10:59PM Friday May 15, 2009
Source: ONE News
Allegations have surfaced that an Auckland man who is HIV positive is deliberately infecting his sexual partners with the deadly disease.
Police have confirmed they are investigating complaints against the man and as it could be a widespread problem.
It is alleged he catches his prey on the web, grooming gay men looking for a relationship, looking for love.
"What he's doing is morally and ethically repugnant and wrong," says Michael Stevens, researcher.
Michael Stevens is doing a PhD on HIV transmission and knows one of the young men that have been infected.
"Emotionally most of these young guys are pretty distraught, they're trying to cope with a life changing diagnosis at a very young age," says Stevens.
The allegations of the predatory behaviour first surfaced on website Advertisement
"He persuades them that he loves them, and they're in love with him, he's the best thing that's ever happened to him and they don't need to use condoms. He doesn't tell them that he has HIV," says Stevens.
Police are investigating complaints, believed to be about a 40-year-old man, who cannot be identified.
It's believed his web is wide, and that a number of young men infected.
"Individually when they first came we weren't able to connect them, it's only quite recently we've put it together to identify a single infector," says Bruce Kilmister, HIV/AIDS Awareness Advocate.
Rhys Jones claims three of his friends have become HIV positive after having unprotected sex with the man.
"The first two I found out about over a year ago now, and the latest one about two months ago," says Jones.
Jones says some men are protecting the man.
"He's got a silver tongue and they all think they have fallen in love with him, they never want to see him hurt and they don't want to see him in jail," he says.
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