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Oral Interferon-Alpha Lozenges Study - Amarillo, CytoPharm Intiates Enrollment For Hepatitis-C Study
By Staff Reporter
Amarillo (ABI) and CytoPharm have started the enrollment for a study of ABI's oral interferon-alpha lozenges, for chronic hepatitis-C virus infection.
The aim of the trial is to reduce the virologic relapse rate for patients who have completed the standard combination therapy, which consists of high dose injectable interferon-alpha and Ribavirin. Although most patients respond to the standard therapy, up to 50% of those with certain high-risk viral genotypes relapse after treatment.
In this study, a total of 165 patients who test positive for a high-risk hepatitis C viral genotype, will receive one of two different doses of human interferon-alpha or placebo given daily for 24 weeks. Full study enrollment is expected to complete by the end of the year.
The companies announced that CytoPharm is planning a study of oral interferon lozenges in the treatment of influenza, which is to be launched during the 2009/2010 flu season in Taiwan
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