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H1N1 Antivirals Access/HIV Guidance
  1,640 Flu Cases at Colleges
Sept 3 2009
NY Times
Students back at college have already begun coming down with the flu, according to a new tracking system that uses reports from 165 universities in the United States with two million students. (Nationwide, there are 15.9 million college students, at more than 4,000 two-year and four-year institutions.) From August 22 to 28, 1,640 cases were reported, by 55 percent of the 165 schools. So far, most cases have been relatively mild, with only one student hospitalized. The highest rates were in the Southeast and Northwest, particularly Georgia, Mississippi and Washington State. The information comes from campus health services, which report flu-like illnesses but do not specify whether the illness is seasonal flu or swine flu. The tracking system was set up by the American College Health Association, which will post weekly case data and cumulative figures on its Web site.
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