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  First International Workshop
on HIV and Aging
October 4-5, 2010
Baltimore, MD
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Comorbidities and coinfections among HIV patients 50 years and older compared to HIV-negs in large US healthcare database
  Reported by Jules Levin
2010 Aging Workshop
Baltimore, MD
Comorbidity and ageing with HIV: A prospective comparative cohort study (Dutch study)
XIX International AIDS Conference, July 26th 2012, Washington DC, Judith Schouten Amsterdam
Non-AIDS Illness Rate Higher in Older HIV-Positives Than in Similar non-HIV Group (Dutch study, IAS)
the AGEhIV investigators found that similar numbers of cumulative AANCCs (comorbidities) appeared to occur 5 years earlier in HIV-positive people than in HIV-negative people, Average numbers of AANCCs were higher with HIV in every age group
Compared with HIV-negative people, those with HIV had significantly higher rates of eight AANCCs:
-- Hypertension: about 43% versus 30%, P < 0.0001
-- Non-AIDS cancer: about 12% versus 6%, P = 0.001
-- Angina pectoris: about 6% versus 4%, P = 0.005
-- Myocardial infarction: about 5% versus 1%, P = 0.003
-- Peripheral arterial insufficiency: about 4% versus <1%, P = 0.003
-- Chronic liver disease: about 8% versus 1%, P < 0.0001
-- Cerebrovascular disease: about 5% versus 1%, P = 0.022
-- Reduced renal function: about 5% versus 1%, P = 0.006
Italian Study
Premature Age-Related Comorbidities Among HIV-Infected Persons Compared With the General Population
Clinical Infectious Diseases, Giovanni Guaraldi