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HIV Brain Impairment
  HIV-associated brain dysfunction in the era of HAART - Editorials ... This is not surprising since people with greater impairment to begin with have ... Notably, the results indicate that HIV-associated cognitive impairment is ...
NEUROLOGY Aug 4 2009
"neurocognitive disturbances continue to occur,2,3 and may be continuing to evolve in the HAART era.....following ARV initiation. Rapid cognitive improvements occurred within the first 12 weeks, which continued more gradually throughout the 48-week study period.....during this period metabolic changes are occurring in the brain, such as a reduction in cerebral inflammation that enables recovery to occur.....Despite clinically significant and apparently rapid cognitive improvements produced by HAART, treated patients continue to show brain metabolite and neuronal abnormalities.9,10 Furthermore, reduced brain volumes have been related to HIV disease history variables,8 but not with current disease status or treatment regimen......Factors tied to disease history and brain metabolic status may have more of an influence on baseline cognitive status than on the extent of improvement that is possible with treatment. Yet it would seem that these factors should set an upper limit on the amount of improvement that is likely to occur with treatment. It is highly unlikely that HAART would produce a rapid increase in cortical or subcortical volume, or reverse cognitive impairments associated with these structural changes, unless volume reductions reflect something other than cerebral tissue loss."
Impairments in memory and hippocampal function in HIV-positive vs ...HIV-neg Although HIV+ vs HIV- men perform worse on the HVLT,23 most previous neuropsychological investigations have found little evidence of impairments in episodic ...
"These findings suggest that HIV might affect the functional integrity of medial temporal systems underlying verbal memory performance.....HIV serostatus predicted significantly lower immediate and delayed verbal episodic memory, working memory, and visual memory..... Verbal episodic memory deficits are evident in HIV+ women and may be associated with hippocampal dysfunction at both encoding and retrieval.....HIV serostatus predicted significantly lower immediate and delayed verbal episodic memory, working memory, and visual memory. Preliminary neuroimaging findings revealed group differences in bilateral hippocampal function, with HIV+ women showing decreased activation during encoding and increased activation during delayed recognition. These alterations correlated with worse episodic verbal memory."
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