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Cognitive Decline Biomarkers-HIV Studies Needed !!!!
  We Need Studies in HIV examining these biomarkers & their association with predicting cognitive decline & alzheimer's. The 1st 2 links below are to the full text published studies in journals that were released this week finding major breakthroughs, that 3 biomarkers predicted alzheimer's and in the 2nd study that 1 biomarker predicted cognitive decline.
Plasma ß-Amyloid and Cognitive Decline - publication pdf attached - (08/12/10)
Arch Neurol. Published online August 9, 2010
High baseline plasma Aß42 (P = .01) and Aß40 (P = .01) and decreasing/relatively stable Aß42 (P = .01) values were associated with faster decline in multiple cognitive domains.
Diagnosis-Independent Alzheimer Disease Biomarker Signature in Cognitively Normal Elderly People - full text - (08/11/10)
Beta-Amyloid Further Implicated in Mental Decline - (08/12/10)
Sharpen That Needle (3 Biomarkers Predict Alzheimers's) Editorial - (08/11/10)
Beta-Amyloid Further Implicated in Mental Decline - (08/11/10)
Biomarker Trio Detects Alzheimer's - (08/11/10)
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