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  50th ICAAC
Boston, MA
September 12-15, 2010
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  "Previous in vitro data indicate a higher barrier to resistance and a good overall resistance profile.....IDX899 remained active against EFVR (efavirenz-resistance) virus pools containing up to 4 mutations. Among the 4 tested drugs, IDX899 showed the best activity against both TMC125R and EFVR virus pools, and the best overall activity against all 24 NNRTI-selected virus pools and no patients discontinued."
GSK Acquires New HIV NNRTI IDX899 From Idenix
Idenix About To Announce Outlicensing of HIV NNRTI IDX899 Jan 15, 2009 ... Idenix, which employs 180, plans to have big news in the next few weeks - an ... www.natap.org/2009/HIV/020709_03.htm
Genotypic Resistance and Phenotypic Cross-Resistance Profile in ...
Two pathways to IDX899 resistance were identified in a panel of in vitro selection ... In vitro cross-resistance data imply that IDX899 has a different ... www.natap.org/2008/CROI/croi_88.htm
Dose Escalation, Safety, Tolerability and Pharmacokinetics of a ...
Administered orally, IDX899 appears to be safe and well tolerated at single doses up to 1200 mg and multiple doses up to 800 mg QD over seven days in ... www.natap.org/2008/CROI/croi_89.htm
IDX899, Novel HIV-1 NNRTI with High Barrier to Resistance ...
IDX899, Novel HIV-1 NNRTI with High Barrier to Resistance, Provides Suppression of HIV Viral Load in Treatment-Na´ve HIV-1-Infected Subjects ... www.natap.org/2008/IAS/IAS_83.htm
"New NNRTIs are needed to address the increasing prevalence of viral resistance and side effects associated with this drug class. To date, IDX899 has demonstrated high potency with low milligram doses, a high barrier to drug resistance, favorable risk/benefit profile, and the convenience of once-a-day administration....."IDX899 may play a significant role in improving treatment options for people with HIV/AIDS," commented Zhi Hong, Senior Vice President of the Infectious Diseases Centre of Excellence for Drug Discovery (ID CEDD) at GSK.. "A once-daily, lower-dose NNRTI that offers an improved drug resistance and pharmacokinetic profile would be valuable to HIV-treating physicians and patients. The preliminary clinical evidence of IDX899 supports this and warrants continued clinical study as part of GSK's growing drug pipeline in HIV.".....IDX899 is a potent non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor (NNRTI) being developed for the treatment of HIV-1. Idenix has advanced IDX899 through a Phase II proof-of-concept study in HIV-1 infected treatment-naive patients that was completed in 2008. In the proof-of-concept study, patients (n=32) receiving once-daily oral administration of IDX899 achieved mean viral load reductions of 1.8 log(10), after seven days of treatment as tested with the Roche Amplicor(R) 1.5 assay. In this study, no treatment-related serious adverse events were reported"