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  10th International Congress on Drug Therapy in HIV Infection
November 7-11, 2010
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The SENSE trial: Etravirine shows lower prevalence and severity of neuropsychiatric adverse events compared to efavirenz in treatment-naïve patients
  Reported by Jules Levin
Glasgow 2010
H. Stellbrink1, S. Rugina2, C. Zagler3, S. Esser4, A. Castagna5, B. Gazzard6, A. Hill7, Y. van Delft8, S. Marks8. 1) InfektionsmedizinischesCentrum, Hamburg, Germany 2) SpitalulClinic de BoliInfectioase, Constanta, Romania 3) SMZ Baumgartner, Vienna, Austria 4) UniversitätsklinikumEssen, Germany 5) IstitutoScientifico"San Raffaele", Milan, Italy 6) St Stephens Centre, Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, London, UK 7) Liverpool University, UK 8) Janssen-Cilag, Tilburg, Netherlands
In the SENSE trial, first-line treatment with ETR 400mg once daily +2NRTIs led to significantly fewer NPS AEs, compared with EFV + 2NRTIs. These NPS AEs were mainly Grade 1 or 2 in severity. The difference between the arms emerged at Week 2, but persisted through Week 12.