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Quick Reference Card for Insomnia Screening and Treatment in HIV-Infected Patients (NYS DOH AIDS Institute 1/11/11) - pdf of document attached
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Jan 11, 2011
new york state department of health aids institute
Insomnia occurs frequently in HIV-infected patients and during all stages of HIV disease.1 Although insomnia is not unique to the HIV-infected population, insomnia screening should be part of routine HIV care due to the potentially negative effects of insomnia on health, including HIV disease progression
Clinicians should ask patients at routine monitoring visits about sleep quality and difficulty initiating or maintaining sleep.

Dear Colleague:
The Office of the Medical Director, New York State Department of Health AIDS Institute, is pleased to announce that the Mental Health Committee, chaired by Milton Wainberg, MD, has posted a new quick reference card for Insomnia Screening and Treatment in HIV-infected patients. The card is available for download or may be ordered as a hard copy.
The Committee developed this reference card to help raise clinical awareness for assessment and identification of insomnia in HIV-infected patients due to the potentially negative effects of insomnia on health, including HIV disease progression.
Some highlights of the card are as follows.
Sleep Assessment and Evaluation Checklist
Strategies for assessing and evaluating sleep, including:
· Educating patients about keeping a sleep log to help assess sleep patterns
· Differential diagnosis of insomnia, such as assessment for substance use and mental health disorders, medical etiologies, and medications
Sleep Hygiene Strategies
A list of "Dos" and "Don'ts" for educating patients about sleep hygiene
Algorithm for Treating Insomnia
An algorithm to guide decision-making when the cause of the patient's insomnia cannot be determined or the clinician's initial nonpharmacologic management does not resolve symptoms and referral to a sleep or mental health specialist or initiation of pharmacologic treatment is being considered
Pharmacologic Approach to Insomnia
Information for assessing patients for pharmacologic treatment of insomnia, prescribing considerations, and patient education about the use of OTC medications
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