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ACTG Haiti Update
From: "Jean W. Pape" To: "Daniel Fitzgerald" ,, "'Warren D. Johnson'";;
Date: Sat, 16 Jan 2010 12:10:23 -0500
Subject: Update
We are doing all we can to fulfill 4 missions at the same time:
1. Keep Services to the large number of patients (GFATM and PEPFAR) We are actively seeing patients and have a distribution system in place in PAP for ARV and TB at various locations
2. Provide services to patients already enrolled in research projects but not enrolling new ones until things are stable.
3. Provide humaniratian services to the over 1,000 people in our premises: we were finally able to repair the water pipes , active the pump , get water to which I added chlorine (Brings me back > 30 years ago when I was working in the regudration unit) . We are actively distributing water to the population.
4. Set-up open field emergency services: the US assessment team was just here. I have shown to them where we want to place the unit. They hope to come back wih a full 35 people team some time late this afternoon. We are working closely with Dr Lassegue at the State University Hospital. The US assessment team after leaving GHESKIO is now meeting with Dr Lassegue. We had 3 serioulsy sick patients who have been evacuated to HUEH. The plan is to have a fully operational triage unit at GHESKIO with the possibility ot refer the sickest patients to HUEH.
We have put in effect our contingency plan and have identified teams who will come in each key unit each day.
Hence slowly the system is starting to work.
Issues we are dealing with:
At GHESKIO Downtown location:
1. Most of administrative building and the lab buildings are not safe. we just had another aftershcok and teh entire place shook like a leaf. I have evacuated my office and MM's office. We are in the process of moving all the accounting books out in a safe place.
2. I have asked the lab to prepare a contingency plan. We may have to move the main lab at IMIS. We need mobile labs as well.
3. There are broken tubes containing MDRTB and other TB strains. The TB lab will be sealed until it can be decontaminated.
4. We have broken walls all around the property and with the large crowd and the fact that we have no electricty it is dark at night and can be dangeroous as all the prisoners including criminals have escaped the collapsed National Prison. In addition we were told that some people took the guns of the Chinese MINUSTHA. To date we have had NO SECURITY ISSUE. There is a truck full of food that the DR wants to give me but since we do not have the logistics I have referred them to Mrs Lauture who brings us the food support. The problem is that her house is destroyed and she is not yet operational. I am seeking other means to help the poor people who are very hungry. We have put the US Triage team in the interior space between the 2 sets of buildings at Quisqueya. Because the buldings closed to the soccer field are particularly damaged I am putting some old materials to consolidate them and prevent the large crowd in the soccer field to see what is going on the interior space.
5. FUEL: we have no fuel and I am using some of the reserve generator fuel for cars that will bring key staff and to transport sick patients to HUEH
6. CASH: all the banks are closed and many of their units destroyed. Citiibank where we used to transfer our account is completely destroyed. I am working with Capital bank which had the least damage to see how we can transfer funds from New York.
We are doing the same at GHESKIO-IMIS.
Will keep you posted.
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