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GSK CoPay Cards Include Pfizer Drugs
Dear Community Member,
Recognizing that medication costs remain a significant burden to many HIV patients, we want to remind you that ViiV Healthcare is maintaining the Patient Savings Card, which GSK first introduced in 2007. We are also pleased to inform you that we have expanded the program to cover all GSK and Pfizer heritage HIV medicines. Please visit to view the list of products covered under the Patient Savings Card.
The Patient Savings Card is designed to help eligible patients improve compliance with their HIV regimens by reducing their out-of-pocket expenses for ViiV Healthcare HIV medications. Through this program, patients are eligible to save up to $100 each month - for each of their ViiV Healthcare HIV medicines - for up to two years following first use. Eligible patients can access the card online by visiting to download a card. Patients can still enroll in the program by visiting their doctor and asking for a Patient Savings Card from ViiV Healthcare. They can take the Patient Savings Card to their local pharmacist along with their prescription for eligible HIV medications.
Please also visit to learn more about the program, find answers to questions, determine eligibility regulations and use the "Tell a friend" feature to help other HIV patients learn more about how they can reduce their out-of-pocket expenses for their ViiV Healthcare medications. Thank you for your continued support.
Marc Meachem
919.483.8756 office
919.949.3070 cell
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