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Virco Acquires LAB TRACKER HIV Electronic Medical Record Software System
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Tuesday, 15 December 2009
Tibotec Virco Virology BVBA Acquires LAB TRACKER HIV Electronic Medical Record Software System from Ground Zero Software
Tibotec Virco Virology BVBA today announced the acquisition of LAB TRACKER HIV, a customized electronic medical record (EMR) system, from the company Ground Zero Software. LAB TRACKER HIV is a full-service, scalable software platform designed to meet the complex disease-management needs of health care providers who are treating people living with HIV/AIDS. It facilitates secure data integration and exchange among clinics, laboratories, radiologists, and pharmacies; automates certain U.S. government reporting; and serves as a powerful data-mining engine for clinical trials, outcomes research, and grants proposals.
Click here to view the full press release.
Virco acquired the disease-specific electronic health record, LABTRACKER HIV, in December 2009 from Ground Zero Software, and we are now working on re-development and a re-launch to the existing customer base across the US later this year. We are also evaluating the opportunity for commercializing this outside of the US too.
More information can be found at:
Global site:
US Product Site:
We see a real need to provide a health information system to help organize and manage the complex data needed to make decisions that positively affect the outcomes for HIV+ patients, and now with the stimulus funding and political support under the current administration in the US, there is an opportunity for this to happen in a meaningful way.
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