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Demonstration Against French Government for HCV Cutbacks
  May 19, 2010
Twenty militants Act-Up Paris have placed this morning 260 pig livers on the steps of the Ministry of Health, to symbolize the occasion of World Day against hepatitis, the 2,600 deaths per year due to Hepatitis C in France.
Hepatitis C causes between 2,700 and France in 4400 infections per year of which 70% are drug users and 43% are unaware they are infected, said the association. She said in a statement that "at all stages of care for the disease, prevention, screening, treatment, government commitment is insufficient. "The longer we wait to identify and treat the disease, the more damage the virus is irreparable, the more people can infect others without knowing it," notes ACTUP-Paris.
Act Up-Paris particular application to the Department of Health "to put the same zeal and the same amount of money into the fight against hepatitis C as the fight against influenza A (nearly two billion euros)" . Hepatitis C, he stresses ACTUP-Paris, "requires a public health emergency plan", and especially since he is co-infection with HIV.
35% of people living with HIV are also co-infected with hepatitis.
The association cites Professor Mark Nelson, director of HIV services at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital in London, that the rate of survival for a person co-infected HIV-HCV was 54% at one year, 40% two years to 25% at 5 years.

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