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Vicriviroc Discontinued Investigator Letter
  July 9, 2010
We are writing to inform you of decisions recently taken by Merck Research Laboratories with respect to the clinical development of vicriviroc for the treatment of HIV infection.
1. Merck has decided to discontinue the development of vicriviroc for the treatment of HIV. This decision was based on the overall clinical data from Phase 3 trials in treatment-experienced subjects and a recently completed Phase 2 trial in treatment-naïve individuals.
2. Data from the Phase 2 treatment-naïve trial are expected to be discussed at an upcoming scientific meeting.
3. All ongoing vicriviroc studies, including long-term open-label distribution of drug, will be terminated. Study participants should be transitioned to appropriate available therapies.
4. Merck has a long-standing commitment to the research and development of innovative therapies for people with HIV that spans nearly 25 years, and remains committed to HIV research and to the development of new therapies.
You should plan as soon as feasible to bring in all study subjects still receiving vicriviroc for evaluation and for you to determine the best regimen of available antiretroviral agents for them to receive in your location. Where time is required to obtain these agents, Merck will try to work with you to assure a smooth transition, recognizing that we have a limited supply of vicriviroc at this time. Your regular contact person for your study should be the person to whom you reach out. In addition, for questions regarding this decision and other issues, please feel free to call me at 1-908-740-4180.
With kind regards,
Lisa M. Dunkle, M.D.
Executive Director, Clinical Research
Clinical Lead, Vicriviroc
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