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BMS ADAP Welvista Collaboration
  December 1, 2010 1:08:47 PM EST
Bristol-Myers Squibb is pleased to announce enhancements to our HIV patient assistance programs.
In our long standing support of access to HIV medications, Bristol-Myers Squibb has agreed in concept to collaborate with Welvista on patient assistance for patients on state AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP) waiting lists. This agreement will automatically allow patients who have qualified financially for their state's ADAP benefits to similarly qualify for access to the Bristol-Myers Squibb HIV medications REYATAZ® (atazanavir sulfate) and SUSTIVA® (efavirenz).
Additionally, Bristol-Myers Squibb announces a broadening of patient income levels that qualify for our Access Virology Program. To extend Bristol-Myers Squibb support to more patients, effective immediately, we are expanding our financial eligibility for our Access Virology Program to match that of a given state's ADAP financial eligibility criteria, from a minimum of 300% to a maximum of 500% of the Federal Poverty Level. Access Virology is our comprehensive assistance program for patients who need help accessing Bristol-Myers Squibb HIV medications. Since Access Virology's inception, we have provided our HIV medicine at reduced or no cost to thousands of people in need living with HIV and AIDS.
For more than 20 years, we at Bristol-Myers Squibb have been committed to discovering, developing and delivering medicines to treat HIV/AIDS. Helping people who need our medicines access our medicines is part of our commitment. We believe these additional contributions are critical to the ongoing effort that we share with the Federal and state governments and all organizations and agencies engaged in the battle against HIV.
For information on the Bristol-Myers Squibb Access Virology Program and other HIV patient assistance programs offer or participate in, please visit:
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