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NEW: 2010 Linda Laubenstein Award
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November 2010
The Office of the Medical Director is pleased to announce that Dr. Donna Futterman has been selected as the 2010 recipient of the Linda Laubenstein Award for excellence in HIV care. This award honors those clinicians who, in addition to providing the highest quality of clinical care for people with HIV, are distinguished as well by their wholehearted commitment to caring for those with HIV/AIDS. The Laubenstein Award represents an opportunity for the AIDS Institute to highlight the contributions of clinicians whose service has been extraordinary and to thank them publicly for their accomplishments.
Dr. Futterman, Professor of Clinical Pediatrics, Director of the Adolescent AIDS Program, and an Associate Attending Physician in the Department of Pediatrics at Montefiore Medical Center, has made many contributions to the lives of those living with HIV/AIDS, including her involvement in the mothers-to-mothers-to-be program, a mentorship program for HIV-infected pregnant women based in Cape Town, South Africa.
As a result of her leadership, compassion and dedication, Dr. Futterman is recognized among her colleagues for her tireless work within the Adolescent AIDS Program, serving adolescents and their families infected and affected by HIV/AIDS. In the 1990s, POZ Magazine named her one of the 50 Most Innovative U.S. AIDS Researchers.
The HIV Clinical Excellence Award was established in 1992 in memory of Dr. Linda Laubenstein (1957-1992), a Manhattan physician, to honor her pioneering work and outstanding contribution to the quality of AIDS care in the early years of the epidemic. The Laubenstein Award will be presented during the World AIDS Day ceremony in Albany, New York on Tuesday, November 30, 2010.
Please click here to download the 2010 Linda Laubenstein Award Brochure (Adobe Acrobat)
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