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  EACS - European AIDS Conference
Oct 12-15 2011
Belgrade, Serbia
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Pharmacokinetics, efficacy and safety of switching from efavirenz to maraviroc twice-daily in patients suppressed on an efavirenz-containing regimen as initial therapy
  Reported by Jules Levin
EACS 2011 Belgrade Oct

Laura Waters1, Sally Newell1, Laura Else2, Muge Cevik1,

Neesha Rockwood1, Akil Jackson1, David Back2, Mark Nelson1, Brian Gazzard1, Marta Boffito1

1St. Stephen's Centre, Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, London,

2Department of Pharmacology and Therapeutics, University of Liverpool, Liverpool, UK


1. Boffito et al JAIDS 2009;52(2):222-7. 2. Crauwels et al 18th CROI 2011. Abstract 630

"RPV: This open-label trial involved 17 healthy volunteers who received rilpivirine 25 mg daily for 14 days (period 1) followed by a 14- to 21-day washout, then efavirenz 600 mg daily for 14 days, followed immediately by rilpivirine 25 mg daily for 28 days (period 2). Pharmacokinetic evaluations were conducted during the two rilpivirine dosing periods. During period 2, when rilpivirine was initiated immediately after efavirenz discontinuation, levels of rilpivirine were reduced in comparison with levels for period 1: rilpivirine Cmin was 28% lower on days 1 and 14, and remained 25% lower on day 28, compared with the Cmin during period 1 of rilpivirine treatment."