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Janssen Therapeutics Announces 2011 Request for Applications: LINCC™(Linking In-Need Communities to Care) - increase access and consistent engagement with the healthcare system for HIV-positive individuals not currently receiving care
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Early access to HIV care and treatment has been shown to prolong life, improve health outcomes, and reduce the likelihood of viral transmission. Recent estimates suggest that approximately 30% of individuals in the US diagnosed with HIV currently are not receiving treatment 1.Barriers to accessing and staying in care are significant and can be cultural, psychological, emotional, structural or societal.
In response to this significant unmet need, Janssen Therapeutics is requesting applications describing programs to increase access and consistent engagement with the healthcare system for HIV-positive individuals not currently receiving care. Proposed programs should commence no sooner than December 2011. Awards will be one-year commitments up to $40,000.
Programs should target hard-to-reach populations and address one or more of the following documented barriers to care and treatment for persons currently diagnosed with HIV/AIDS:
· Fear of medication side effects; Lack of understanding of benefits of treatment
· Lack of information/awareness of resources; low health literacy and self-efficacy
· Substance use or mental health barriers
· Lack of personal support structure(s) or psychosocial support services
· Stigma, shame, denial, isolation and fear of disclosure
· Societal homophobia or discrimination
· Medical system inefficiencies; lack of cultural competence within healthcare system
Support provided through this initiative should:
· Strengthen linkages to care for individuals who are newly diagnosed with HIV
· Engage patients who are currently not receiving HIV care or who have dropped out of care
· Strengthen service systems to better engage and retain patients in care This is NOT an HIV testing initiative.
501(c)3, tax-exempt organizations with a focus and experience in HIV are eligible to apply. Strong consideration will be given to proposals from small community-based organizations.
Application for this funding initiative is a two-step process
· Go to to download the Letter of Intent (LOI) template. Letters of Intent must be submitted by email to
· Applicants selected during the Letter of Intent phase will then be invited to submit a full application.
Key Dates
August 12:
Letter of Intent due
August 26: Letter of Intent decisions communicated
September 30: Full application due (for applicants qualifying for second round)
October 31: Final funding decisions communicated
Letters of Intent and full applications should be submitted via email to or faxed to 609-730-6540. For full program details, please visit
1Based on US Census (July 2011), CDC: HIV in the United States (July 2010), and market research estimates (June 2011).
Kind Regards, Scientific Communications Department Janssen Therapeutics, Division of Janssen Products, LP 2011
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