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ViiV Global Programs: - 'ViiV Healthcare Effect' Brings ViiV Healthcare's Positive Action Partnerships to Life-
  New Website Showcases Personal Stories, Real-Life Experiences, Collaborations
WHAT: The ViiV Healthcare Effect ( introduces our company's approach to partnerships in a unique and personal way. Today ViiV Healthcare continues to support communities around the world through an enriched Positive Action portfolio: its heritage global grants programme for vulnerable groups; the new Positive Action for Children Fund to tackle mother-to-child transmission; and Community Grants from our local operating companies. This website brings these projects that we have on the ground to life.
The ViiV Healthcare Effect offers a fresh way of learning about our work and its impact. The site also showcases best practices throughout the world. Visit the site to hear directly from the people creating new solutions on the ground, see video that brings the projects to life and learn about what's worked well and how these efforts can be applied or expanded to support more communities. We encourage you to share this audio-visual experience with your friends and colleagues.
WHEN/WHERE: The ViiV Healthcare Effect launches today. The scope of the ViiV Healthcare Effect is global. Through the site, you can take a tour of projects that directly address the needs of local communities in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Germany, and Lesotho, as well as those that have a broader regional, or even global perspective.
WHY: We've seen how the programmes we support directly impact communities, tackling stigma and discrimination, providing education and resources, and testing innovations in care and treatment for HIV. We feel that if can we share our expertise, and get more people to talking about our valuable learnings, the more connections we can make and perhaps most importantly, the broader our impact can be.
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