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Virco Launches Electronic Health Record and Data Reporting Module Designed Specifically for the HIV/AIDS Treatment Community: AVIGA™ and AVIGA REPORTER™

Introducing AVIGA™ and AVIGA Reporter™

AVIGA™ (formerly LAB TRACKER™ HIV) is a powerful electronic health record (EHR) solution, currently for the United States market, that allows clinicians and healthcare workers to realize the benefits of information technology while securely managing confidential patient data in a manner that meets regulatory and legal requirements. The use of paper charts by physicians, hospitals, and others is no longer adequate for protecting confidential patient information, managing data or ensuring quality care.1 The AVIGA™ EHR solution is always available via a secure internet connection, and gathers data from multiple locations to transform it into information that helps streamline complex clinical decisions. By compiling data from multiple sources in one easy-to-use site, AVIGA™ enables clinicians to focus less on paperwork and more on what matters: patients and providing better care.

Virco Launches Electronic Health Record and Data Reporting Module Designed Specifically for the HIV/AIDS Treatment Community: AVIGA™ and AVIGA REPORTER™

Release of AVIGA™ Family of Products Ushers in New Era of HIV Care by Allowing Health Care Professionals to Manage, Analyze and Act Upon Clinical Data

Raritan, US, December 15, 2011: Virco Lab, Inc., the U.S. affiliate of Virco BVBA, today announced the launch of AVIGA™ and AVIGA REPORTER™. AVIGA™ is a web-based electronic health record (EHR) solution with HIV/AIDS disease-specific functionality and AVIGA REPORTER™ is a web-based, data-reporting module designed specifically for the purposes of conducting HIV/AIDS research and providing reporting capabilities. AVIGA REPORTER™ can be used as a standalone product or integrated with an existing EHR. Both products can provide local and federal data reporting, including requirements for Ryan White Care Act funding.

"The launch of AVIGA™ and AVIGA REPORTER™ represents a significant milestone in addressing the needs of HIV healthcare providers, enabling highly efficient research and reporting capabilities from the users' desktop," said David Rebey, Head of U.S. Business Operations, Virco Lab, Inc. "The AVIGA™ family of products is at the forefront of HIV/AIDS EHR technology, allowing healthcare professionals to realize the power and benefits of health information technology so they spend less time on paper-work and more on effectively managing their patients' complex, health care needs through generating insights from the mass of clinical data."

Virco BVBA acquired the electronic medical record LABTRACKER™ HIV in December 2009 from its originator company, Ground Zero Software. Since the acquisition, Virco has completely re-developed the platform in collaboration with the HIV treatment community. AVIGA™ allows users to collect, manage and analyze patient data from physicians, pharmacies, labs and clinics. The software's HIV/AIDS specific functionality offers health care providers an analytical module, and the capability to graph such clinical indicators as viral load and CD4 trends against antiretroviral therapy and integrate longitudinal resistance profiles.

AVIGA REPORTER™ is a data-reporting module that will primarily serve as a reporting and querying tool for both local and federal data reporting, including requirements for Ryan White Care Act funding. This module can interface with other commercial EHRs and software applications, specifically capturing and configuring medical information necessary for HIV reporting or research.

AVIGA™ has achieved modular certification for Stage One Meaningful Use requirements in the U.S. by the Drummond Group, one of the Office of the National Coordinator's Authorized Testing and Certification Body (ONC-ATCB) providers. The certification is in accordance with the applicable eligible provider certification criteria adopted by the Secretary of Health and Human Services. AVIGA™ users can qualify for federal incentives under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) during 2011/20121. (AVIGA REPORTER™ does not meet the Meaningful Use requirements since it is not a fully functional, free-standing EHR).

About Virco BVBA and Virco Lab, Inc.

Virco Lab, Inc. is the U.S. affiliate of Virco BVBA, a global diagnostic and healthcare solutions company based in Belgium, and a pioneer and leader in HIV resistance interpretation. In addition to providing resistance interpretation with the use of its virco®TYPE HIV-1, education and facilitating access to resistance interpretation worldwide, Virco actively collaborates with hospitals and academic institutions in researching solutions with virological and clinical relevance in HIV, HCV and other infectious diseases.

Virco's mission is to facilitate personalized clinical decision-making via advanced diagnostic and bioinformatic tools. Since the acquisition of LABTRACKER HIV™ in December 2009, Virco Lab, Inc. has been providing support and service for LABTRACKER HIV™ clients in the U.S. while redevelopment and planning were underway for the new and improved application AVIGA™.

Additional information on AVIGA™ and AVIGA REPORTER™ is available at

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