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Safety and efficacy of a raltegravir based dual antiretroviral therapy in clinical practice (Glasgow 2012)
  Reported by Jules Levin
Glasgow Nov 2012


Cenderello G, Penco G, Pontali E, Feasi M, Cassola G. SC Malattie Infettive - EO Ospedali Galliera - Genoa Italy
DUAL approach showed good safety and also remarkable results in terms of viral suppression and immunological recovery. Notwithstanding the potential low genetic barrier of some combinations (e.g. NVP+RAL) this strategy demonstrated to be effective, in fact pts. employing to this regimen presented a complete viral suppression with a constant CD4+ increase. The DRR group showed a full viral response (regimen optimization was genotype driven) because the three pts. with detectable viral load were all below 400 copies. The long term reliability of DUAL should be confirmed by studies with a longer follow up and a wider sample.



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