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ViiV US/Global Community Programs
  Of particular interest to me is the ViiV U.S. Southern Initiative:

Dear All,

We are eager to share with you the latest updates to the ViiV Healthcare Effect website (, our interactive resource that sets out to show how ViiV Healthcare is working with partners across the globe to confront the most pressing needs in HIV. In our first major update to the website, we have chosen to highlight some of ViiV Healthcare's initiatives in the United States.

Our newest project tour highlights the Positive Action U.S. Southern Initiative and work being done by Union Mission in Savannah, Georgia, namely their 'Healthy Living' education and adherence program for homeless and low-income persons living with HIV.

Click here to take the tour which offers personal perspectives from Cornelius Baker, Senior Policy Advisor at the National Black Gay Men's Advocacy Coalition about the Positive Action U.S. Southern Initiative, as well as Letitia Robinson, Vice President for Housing Services at Union Mission and Ayana Eady-Patterson, Social Services Coordinator for Housing Services at Union Mission about their project.

One of the most pressing needs for people living with HIV is gaining access to affordable care and treatment. In addition to information about the Southern Initiative, visit the Access to Medicines page for more information about ViiV Healthcare's U.S. access initiatives that help people living with HIV better afford the care and treatment that they need.

We encourage you to revisit the ViiV Healthcare Effect, take a look at the new updates, and continue to use the website as a resource to learn more about ViiV Healthcare's approach to community support and how we work with our partners to have a direct benefit for people living with or affected by HIV. As always, we look forward to working with more of you to enhance the current content and add your stories. Please continue to share this link with others in your network, and visit the website frequently as we add more interactive elements, new tours and updates of ongoing programs.


Michael Joyner
Director, Positive Action and Patient Advocacy
Phone: 919-483-2987
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