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Changing of hepatitis C virus genotype patterns in France at the beginning of
the third millenium: The GEMHEP GenoCII Study....genotype 3 was found in 20.8%
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Journal of Viral Hepatitis, 2005
Hepatitis C virus genotype lb was the most common in our study (485 patients, 27.4%); genotype 3 was found in 368 patients (20.8%), genotype 1a in 325 patients (18.4%), genotype 1 in 202 patients (11.4%), genotype 2 in 164 patients (9.3%), genotype 4 in 158 patients (8.9%), genotype 5 in 48 patients (2.7%), genotype 6 in three patients (0.2%) and mixed genotypes in 16 patients (0.9%).
Indeed, genotype 3 is associated with contamination after the late 1970s with IVDU coming from India, where this genotype is predominant [22] and genotype 1a is known to be the major one in North America [23], whereas genotypes 1b and 2 were associated to contamination by transfusion from the early 1960s to the late 1980s [13]. It is of note in this study that similar genotypes were found in transfused, transplanted and nosocomial infected patients, with 1b as the most prominent genotype.
Although HCV genetic evolution is known to involve punctual mutations at a rate of about 103 per nucleotide per year, recent recombinant strains have been reported in Russia from 1a-3 mixed genotype-infected patients [27].



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