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  IAS 2015: 8th IAS Conference on
HIV Pathogenesis Treatment and Prevention
Vancouver, Canada
18-22 July 2015
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Myocardial Strain Abnormalities Detected by Speckle-Tracking Echocardiography in Persons with HIV
  Reported by Jules Levin
IAS 2015 Vancouver July 19-23
Okeke NL,1 Alenezi F,2 Bloomfield GS,2,3,4 Dunning A,3 Khazanie P,2 Clement ME,1 Shah SH,2,4 Naggie S1,3 and Velazquez EJ2,3,4 1 - Division of Infectious Diseases, Duke University Medical Center, Durham, NC, USA; 2 - Division of Cardiology, Duke University Medical Center; 3-Duke Clinical Research Institute; 4- Duke Global Health Institute
CROI/2015: Impaired Cardiac Strain and Biomarkers of Immune Activation in HIV........http://www.natap.org/2015/CROI/croi_129.htm......Conclusions: HIV-infected subjects demonstrate subclinical impairment in systolic function and this is associated with markers of chronic immune activation, inflammation and tissue remodeling. Similar to patients with chronic heart failure, increased levels of MCP-1, a chemokine important in the regulation of macrophage migration and a marker of immune activation, was a strong independent predictor of impairment in cardiac function. LBP, an acute phase protein made in response to LPS, and TIMP-1, a marker of tissue remodeling, were also associated with impaired cardiac strain. Our findings indicate that subclinical impairment in cardiac strain tracks with markers of chronic inflammation and immune activation, which may serve as targets for future therapeutic strategies to optimize long-term cardiovascular health in persons living with HIV.