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HIV Viral Suppression in USA, and Non-Adherence
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Aging with HIV in U.S. Trans NIH Research Themes - (09/01/17)


CROI/2017: Viral Load Dynamics Among Persons with Diagnosed HIV: United States, 2014 - (02/16/17)


Ending AIDS - What is the Real prospect: New Infections Up in Key Populations, Unsupressed Viremia High in Key Populations - (09/14/17)
Ending AIDS:
myth or reality? New Infections Increase in Key Populations, UN Update - (07/23/17)
IAC/Durban/2016: Adherence With Combination Antiretroviral Therapy (cART): Do Challenges Still Persist? "31% non-adherent" - (08/03/16).....- Approximately 68.8% of participants were adherent with their HIV medications and 31.2% were non-adherent
CROI: LONGITUDINAL VIRAL TRAJECTORY [and Comorbidities] AMONG WOMEN IN THE WOMEN'S INTERAGENCY HIV STUDY - (02/26/17)....20% are on HAART, 39% on ART & 30.47% of women on HAART & 38% on ART are reported here to have undetectable viral load.
IAS: Half of HIV+ Medicaid Users Have Poor Adherence, Driving Up Costs - (08/07/17)
And here is a recent publication from CDC
Trends in ART Prescription and Viral Suppression Among HIV-Positive Young Adults in Care in the United States, 2009-2013 - "sustainably virally suppressed significantly increased (29%-46%)" - (09/02/17)
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