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Weight Gain & Integrase Inhibitors
  Brief Report: Weight Gain in Persons With HIV Switched From Efavirenz-Based to Integrase Strand Transfer Inhibitor-Based Regimens - (05/07/18)
WEIGHT GAIN AFTER SWITCH FROM EFAVIRENZ-BASED TO INTEGRASE INHIBITOR-BASED REGIMENS - Atripla-to-Integrase Inhibitor Switch Tied to Weight Gain Over 18 Months - Mark Mascolini - (10/09/17)
Weight Gain and Incident Diabetes Among HIV-Infected Veterans Initiating Antiretroviral Therapy Compared With Uninfected Individuals - (05/07/18)
Dolutegravir and weight gain: an unexpected bothering side effect? - (05/07/18)
Obesity following ART initiation is common and influenced by both traditional and HIV-/ART-specific risk factors - (05/04/18)
Antiretroviral initiation is associated with increased skeletal muscle area and fat content - (08/14/17)

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