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Does Stigma Really Impact Health and Well-being in Persons Living with HIV(PLHIV)?
  "All stigma mechanisms and health indicators were significantly associated. Specifically, internalized (r=.447, p=.000) and anticipated stigmas (r=.371, p=.000) were most closely associated with depression. While enacted stigma (r=.322, p=.000) was most closely associated with anxiety. Enacted stigma was most closely associated with pain (r=.293, p=.000). Regression analyses revealed that for PLHIV, internalized stigma was the most significant predictor and accounted for the most variance in all physical, mental, and social health indicators of health and well-being with the exception of pain."
Reported by Jules Levin
22nd International AIDS Conference, Amsterdam, Netherlands, July 23-27, 2018
M.J. Hamilton1, K. Adams Tufts2, K Nokes3, P. Chaiphibalsarisdi4, W. Holzemer5, P. Orton6, J.Perazzo7, J. C. Phillips8, C. Dawson Rose9, E. Sefcik1, R. Schnall10, I. Corless11, M. Kesterson12, L. Davis12, R. Musanti13, Ann Bagchi5,Leigh Ann Diggs2, A. Kulkarni12, A. Gilson12Allison R. Webel14.