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I am participating in a Pegasys trial.
Dear Dr. Chung,
I am participating in a Pegasys trial. I'll see my ID doctor shortly, but I wanted another opinion.
I started with an HCV viral load of 6.3Million, at week 4 it was at 4.7Million. At week 12 it's gone up to 8.3Million. I started the Ribivarin (or placibo) a couple days ago. My biopsy at the beginning of the study showed grade 2/3 inflamation and grade 3 fibrosis.
My HIV combo is Kaletra, VidexEC and Zerit. Do you think it would be useful to change my combo to one that is less liver toxic? The combo has been working great for me, my HIV viral load has been undetectable (<50) for over 6 months and my CD4 are at 485 with a ratio of 43%.
Do you have any thoughts? I still have a number of drugs available to me, and I've never done NNRTI's so those are all good.
Thank you.
  Dr Chung Writes-  
I would not change your antiretroviral regimen if your liver enzymes are not rising. Sometimes the IFN simply does not bring down viral load. let's see what happens on RBV/placebo.
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